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Shandris (PvE)
Adrenaline is currently recruiting geared healers, tanks, and select ranged dps.
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Welcome to Adrenaline.

We are a progression guild that has 3 ICC 10 man team that are currently running ICC on a weekly basis. We aslo have a 25 man ICC team that runs on the weekends. We have a wide variety of players who are very versed in their characters. We have members who have little experience to members who are well versed in every encounter that WoW has to offer. Our ultimate goal at the present time is to take the Linch King down. If this seems like a place where you might fit in please contact an officer of the guild or fill out an application (its painless). We are currently recruiting Healers, Tanks, and select ranged DPS.These are the toons that we need to fill our 10 man groups but if you feel that this is the place for your feel free to drop any officer a line as we have non-raiding roles for those who enjoy the social aspect of the game. If this seems like the place for you please fill out an application or send the following members in in-game whisper Tyraell, Oxecotten,Harleekwynn,Therevenger, Yacks, Asakura, Fathercero. Thank you for your time, hope to see you in the guild so we can knock out some end game content.

Guild Bnk
Hello all. This message is for Guild Bank items. All items in the Guild bank are for sale for 1/2 the going auction house price. Also, for Alchemist, Miners, and Jewelcrafters please pull out the necessary mats to utilize your cooldowns (Icy Prism, Titan Steel, and transmutes). and replace the the crafted items into the guild bank. this way we can supply our raiders with gems and enchants to improve the tanking/dps/healing so that we can progress even further into ICC and beyond. Please don't fill the bank with misc food. Just put in Fish feasts on the last tab for raids.
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